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Before to plunge in the beloved Chronicles of L2 Interlude, Gracia Final, God, GoD, Freya, Ertheia, Odyssey or Helios, it is necessary to choose the appropriate server. Fortunately, the announcement of new servers l2 to select the sites where you can play линейдж2 day and night alone or with friends, today is extremely high.
EURO-PVP.COM x100 Interlude 25.07.2018 в 20:00
L2DAY.RU x1200 Interlude 26.05.2018 в 19:00
EURO-PVP.COM x1200 Interlude 25.05.2018 в 20:00
SAINTAGE.COM x5 High Five 21.05.2018 в 20:00
SCRYDE.RU x1200 High Five 20.05.2018 в 20:00
LA2.ME x5555 High Five 20.05.2018 в 18:00
L2DAY.RU x10 Interlude 19.05.2018 в 20:00
PVPZONA.COM x75 Interlude 18.05.2018 в 20:00
PVPZONA.COM x75 Interlude 18.05.2018 в 20:00
LINAGES.RU x1200 High Five 18.05.2018 в 20:00

The best way to choose is to familiarize yourself with the ranking server la2, based on the reviews, written by real players. The main thing for these resources is high attendance, stability, balance and lack of bugs. Not last role is played by Donat-system, which, in turn, have a negative impact on game balance. Most popular rates fan server line at the moment - X50, X100, x1000 and х1200 because they allow you to quickly upgrade your hero and begin an epic RAID battles and silovym pvp fights. However, many old-school gamers prefer the classic x1, wanting to relive all the key events favorite Chronicles and enjoy them in full.

Chronicle Lineage2 each has its own key features and benefits, which is why millions of players from all over the world continue to play the old build, for example, in High Five, Epilogue, Classic, C4 G. life or Salvation. Even gamers who give their preference Ruffo from time to time enter nostalgia and remember the old days on interlude or classic. The higher rates on the server,the faster will be able to develop a character to your desired LVL, and because jiratova resources are primarily drawn to those who like pvp-component. List л2топ was specifically designed so you don't have to spend your time on the test server, and could immediately start the game on a quality, stable and popular online high onlinem Also on the Internet portals regularly provides information about servers, whose opening will take place in the near future, it is very convenient for those who want to start the game from the start resource and to have time to become one of the most successful players in it.

The interest of millions of gamers to the lineage does not die away for many years, which makes this MMORPG a benchmark of the genre and one of the most recognizable and popular in the world. Fortunately places to play L2 on any popular Assembly, there is plenty, so pick the perfect option for yourself is not difficult.

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